"Evolution of Wealth" is a two-day hands-on workshop by Bellum Tan, aka “Rich Dad Asia.” In this workshop, Robert Kiyosaki’s investment partner reveals his investment secrets, including where and how you can participate. This workshop is limited to only 30 participants, ensuring intensive and close guidance from Rich Dad Asia himself.

He will teach you the right strategies to create 10%30%100% to 1,000% return on investment, whether in an up or down market. You will learn how to find real estate deals in real life with good positive cash flow and only pay 5% monthly interest that you can actually invest in right now.

Bellum says, “It saddens me to see so many people who hardly can afford parting a large sum of their money attending seminar after seminar and are still nowhere near financial freedom or success. What I have noticed is that most speakers are coaches instead of practitioners — they can only impart the mechanism to you and not how to make it work. They took a small subject and expanded it so that most participants felt that they have learned a great deal.”
Bellum is a great practitioner; he gathered all the knowledge and mechanisms and put it together to create vehicles that work. In this workshop, he will share to you his investment vehicles that consistently give him returns monthly.

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Why most people are not RICH
Which Level of Investor you fall under
10 Investor Rules that will make you rich
8 new rules of MONEY you need to be aware of
3 Financial Priorities you should know before you start to invest


Learn how to start BUSINESS with very little or none of your money
Art of the Deal — You will learn how to do DEALS without MONEY
3 fundamentals of Business
6 Essentials of a Business
How to participate in Business and list it in the exchange to reap you returns of 30%-100%-1000%


How you can participate in investment opportunities where only the RICH are invited, that reap returns of 30%-100%-1000%


Building a Real Estate Profile with Other People’s Money
Own one piece of real estate and have three or more for FREE or with very little of your own money
How to buy at low prices and sell at market prices
How to participate in PREP (Private Real Estate Partnership)
How to take advantage of the US’s distressed property market


Find out counter in the stock market that can give you annual return of 10% for the next 40 years
Monthly return of up to 10% or 100% yearly
Use of Leverage in the stock market
How to get rental out of stocks like real estate


There is no market in the world as fast-paced and exciting as the Foreign Currency Exchange (FOREX). There is also no market as large or as liquid with over $4 trillion in trades every day.

How To Trade in a 24 Hour Market
Making Profit In Up and Down Market
Multiply Your Returns Using Other People's Money (Leverage)
Limit Risk

If you have been attending seminar after seminar without much financial success in your life, this two-day Evolution of Wealth will totally change your life.

Let's practice using leverage and realize the impact of the use of these tools. After the course, you can apply all the experience, enhance your practical. You will recognize become wealthy and financially free is not too difficult.




Bellum Tan is the CEO of Rich Dad’s Training (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. He has over 30 years experience in operating a group of companies and have successfully applied Rich Dad™ concepts of investment to attain financial freedom. He will teach you the right mindset necessary to obtain their financial goals and give them a chance to benefit personally by tapping into his wealth knowledge and experience.

Bellum Tan met Robert Kiyosaki (creator of Rich Dad Poor Dad) in 1992 and has since then practiced everything he learned from Robert by actively investing in real estate in the early 90′s and today has gone into investing with Robert and his team in providing seed funding for a few companies that have successfully gone public.

Now, Bellum is classified as a Level-5 Investor as defined in Robert Kiyosaki’s book CASHFLOW® Quadrant. He has mastered his investment skills through businesses, real estate and venture capital funding and has even created “The Singapore Strategy” for CASHFLOW® 101. He shared this strategy with Rich Dad’s organization in Phoenix, Arizona, where he surprised everyone during the “Strategic Conference Seminar” with the millions of dollars created as a result.

Your Investment

In Singapore, Evolution of Wealth costs USD 2,990. Bellum Tan will conduct Evolution of Wealth in Cambodia. Because he is doing it here, you will enjoy a significant discount. The special offer is USD 2,000 ONLY  for this two-day intensive, hands-on workshop with Rich Dad Asia. This includes buffet lunch for two days as well as workshop materials.




Take part in this exciting workshop in Cambodia.

Discover the missing pieces and experience what could be the most enlightening event
that will literally fire-up your financial knowledge and transform your life.