We are living in a world of new changes. The rules of business keep changing everyday.

Terence Tan has devoted almost 20 years studying how business can success in this new changing world. He has a great collection of fundamental business principles that work for this generation we live in.

At Money & You Symposium for Entrepreneurs, Terence Tan will show you how to peel back the layers of success, wealth, and business building breakthroughs so you can put yourself on a path to a better life.


How You Can Achieve the Success

Most of us want to live our life in a better way. Perhaps we want to go to our favorite vacation. Or buy in that Porsche. Or that villa where you can spend your days like no other.If you've the entrepreneur zeal in you, you will be able to get business success and realize your dreams. A good business school will help you know where you are going wrong and refine your business skills to do better.

Accelerate the Learning Process to Achieve

Business Success

You can accelerate by learning these simple principles. Some of the most successful persons have attended this program. They are Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Anthony Robbins – the world’s best business and success coach, Spencer Johnson of “Who moved my cheese” and so many more.

For you to have the opportunity of learning and growing, PM leadership and Globe Success Learning has partnered to bring the Money &You program Symposium in Cambodia. You can attend the one day program as well.

The speaker is Terence Tan, who is the Executive Director of Globe Success Learning. He started as a transformational trainer and coach and now is dedicated to helping people develop their human potential.

Past delegates have had glowing things to state regarding this program. Some state that they have been able to accomplish more in a month than they ever could have expected or could believe they would ever be able to do so in their entire life. Some stated that thanks to the program they were able to move ahead in their personal, professional as well as in their emotional life.

How Can the Program Benefit?

Some have been given the courage to embark on their dreams and start offices in different countries. Or start their own companies. Some have gone on to become world famous speakers. People have even healed their past relationships and started new journeys. Some have claimed that the program has taught them to feel and to connect with people and themselves in a better way. The list goes on...

“I have accomplished more in 4 weeks than I could have expected or believed. I raised $6,800 in 2 days, improved my financial results, and moved forward both mentally and emotionally in my personal life. I’ve made an irrevocable positive leap forward in my music career and personal life.”-David Shanhun. Musician, New Zealand

“My business grew more than 30% in just 4 months. I slept more, I hit the gym more consistently, I went for a 17 day vacation after a lapse of two years and I can still be grounded in the midst of changing business performance. I created my work-life balance and have the confidence to ‘play to win’ and grow my business to greater heights.” Ong Beng-Chung, Co- Founder of Zest Cafe & Restaurant

What you will learn:

Expand your ability to generate more wealth, and experience more freedom

Effectively resolve conflicts and upsets in business, teams and relationships
Master the key principles that successful people use to turn obstacles to opportunities
Apply the Number One Key to take your life, business/career, and relationships to a whole new level
Avoid the 3 costly mistakes that robs you of financial success, peace and happiness
And more ......


Terence Tan

Terence Tan is the Executive Director of Globe Success Learning, his passion business that he’s dedicated over a decade of his life in his stand to develop the human potential, in creating the kind of world that he wants his children to walk into.
In this journey, he began expanding his vision as a transformational trainer and coach. Terence has shared the stage with highly successful international millionaires and business leaders. He has worked with Digi, Great Eastern, MSIG Insurance, Prudential, Standard Chartered, SenHeng, Body Perfect, Rozel Furniture, Bank of Tokyo and many others based in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia in the area of leadership, sales, team alignment, professional and personal development. Terence has corporate experience in Management, Marketing, Sales and Finance, he possesses strong interpersonal skills and confidence in dealing with people from various levels across an organization.

He is an innovator and builds his business on the basis of continuously adding value to the lives of people within the business and all who are in contact with him. He works with clients from all over the world in creating tangible results, lasting change at the individual, group or organisational level ready to step up to their next level.

His greatest joy is to help people discover their own gifts and hidden potential. Very much aligned to that is his mission - to empower them to express those gifts in a way that serves humanity, create more wealth and fulfillment for themselves and others.

Terence Tan has the innate gift to see beyond the surface and into a deeper realm, thus exposing what’s in the way of people achieving their goals. He is known for his congruence, brilliance and warmth and is liked for his playful and joyful nature.

Children are close to his heart. He is a devoted father. He also has ‘adopted’ an orphanage called San Pedro Home which serves deprived and disadvantaged children whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for them. Terence’s drive to see such homes be sustainable while instilling essential life skills and values to not only survive but thrive and make a difference in their own life -- has also guided the orphanage to set up a business, enabling them to be independent, learn about entrepreneurship from a young age, empowering them to break out of the cycle of poverty and live a more purpose-driven life in contribution to humanity.